Post contains a gifted product. All views are my own. 

‘A collection of forty-two matte, rainbow-hued eyeshadows. 

Combining pinks, blues, greens, yellows and purples for bold, bright results, By BEAUTY BAY Bright Matte 42 Colour Palette is the matte version of the ultimate colour spectrum collection. Each shade features intense pigment payoff and major staying power, enabling you to craft an infinite number of multidimensional looks.’

By Beauty Bay 42 Colour Bright Matte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches.

Have you ever seen such a stunning rainbow palette in all your life? Each perfectly selected shade is both vegan and cruelty free as well as buttery smooth and pigmented AF.

With such a incredibly range of shades it’s easy to see that it’s the perfect palette for creative artistry but what I’m most excited about (as someone who is very definitely NOT an MUA) is the freedom to explore more wearable monochromatic looks (greens aren’t usually my thing but I am soooo looking forward to diving in there head first and adding a bit of drama to the school run!).

Monochrome pink makeup look using the By Beauty Bay Bright Matte 42 Colour Palette.

If you’re looking at the Bright Matte and feeling ever so slightly intimidated (and who could blame you? She is a bad bitch!) then you’ll be pleased to know that it also contains a top line of (7 – including both a black and white) neutral shades to help ease you into the madness!

For £23 you can add this beauty to your arsenal and really amp up your makeup game!

You can pick yours up HERE.

By BEAUTY BAY is going to be one to watch guys!

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