Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.

Gwyneth Paltrow

What does a bold red lip mean to you?

To me it can not only pull a whole outfit together but also completely change my state of mine. I go from feeling like an anxious wreck to all of a sudden having my shit together, ready to face anyone and anything. That’s the real power of make up.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to rock that red pout. Let’s face it, we could all do with a pick me up every now and then.

Hydration is key. Smooth, soft lips will make all the difference to the application and longevity of your new confidence maker. Incorporate a lip balm into your skincare routine if you don’t already use one. I also recommend using a scrub followed by a lip mask (the Bubu #youpucker Lip Pumping Mask is my fav!) once a week. The difference in your pout will speak for itself.

I have honestly lost count of the articles and posts I have read, all dedicated to the art of finding your perfect shade of lipstick. I know that there is a skill to picking the shade best suited to the under tones of your skin, I’m not disputing that and I could follow suit but I do try to be different! 

My biggest piece of advice? Ignore them all! You find the shade that makes you feel like a bad bitch and wear it with pride. That confidence is what makes the shade perfect for you.

In regards to the rest of my make up I like to keep things fairly simple and neutral. A red lip is a statement, let it speak for itself. Having said that, you can never go wrong with a bit of eyeliner. A flick sharp as your wit is the perfect accompaniment to a bold lip.

When it comes to lip liner I like to break the mould slightly (a lot…). I apply my lipstick first and liner second. I find it much easier to work with and is the perfect way to clean up and define the shape of your lips.  That’s just my experience though, you do you!

Do you want to go that little bit further and really amp things up? Pop a little bit of highlighter right onto your cupids bow before applying your chosen lipstick. It’ll make your lips appear bigger.

Last but not least a few of tips to finish off the look. Lipstick on your teeth is not a good look for anyone. Put a finger in between your lips (basically inside your mouth) and pull slowly. This will remove any lipstick on the inside of your lips. Also, don’t forget to blot. Just grab a piece of tissue, place it between your lips and bounce them up and down a couple of times. This will stop the product ‘bleeding’ and keep the lines clean. A matte finish is my absolute favourite but nothing says luscious like a gloss! A quick slick over the top of your favourite lipstick really is a game changer.

I mentioned earlier that the perfect shade for you is the one that makes you feel the bravest. I stand by that 100% but just incase you’d like some guidance here are some of my favs!

Beauty BLVD Mattitude Lip Liquid Shade – ‘Vicious’

This baby is sooooo long lasting (I’ve been caught in the rain and it still didn’t budge).

Carter Beauty Word of Mouth Lipstick – Shade ‘Bey’

Probably my most worn and if I’m being biased my favourite! It’s just really classic, feels comfortable to wear and never bleeds.

Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick Shade – ‘Bad Blood’

My forever faithful old friend and probably the red that truly started my obsession. A matte finish that is comfortable to wear and makes me feel fierce AF.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – Shade ‘Heartbreaker’

A statement red if ever there was one. It does dry down to a matte finish super quickly but doesn’t feel tight or dehydrating.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and now have the confidence to wear your dream shade with pride.

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