Post contains a previously gifted product. All views are my own. 

Hands up if you are fed up to the back teeth of having to go out barefaced for fear of looking like a clown when your favourite lippy ends up smeared all over your face? 

Guys I feel you! I am super oily so I feel like I’m being attacked from all angles and to be honest I just want to feel glam again without worrying my makeup has worn away from my nose! It’s embarrassing if nothing else. Of course I completely understand that masks are a necessity right now and these things all seem very irrelevant but it would be nice to have the option to keep myself and my family safe whilst also feeling good about myself.

Let me introduce you to the Makeup Revolution Superfix Misting Setting Spray!

‘Lock your look in place with the Revolution Superfix Misting Spray. Enjoy the holding power of this weightless setting mist, perfect for use with your favourite liquid, matte or powder based base products.

This fixing spray gives you an ultra-matte, shine free look that won’t fade away. Infused with beneficial skin soothing Aloe & Vitamin E.’

Sounds magical doesn’t it? It’s transformed my makeup game in general by adding so much more longevity (I mentioned how oily I am didn’t I?!) to my look which is great but the fact I can now wear a full face and not worry about what it will look like after I’ve done my weekly shop (because let’s be honest, that’s as exiting as it gets right now isn’t it?) really has cheered me up untold amounts.

You can pick yours up for just £10 (which is a bargain considering it works just as well if not better than many high end setting sprays I’ve used). I’ve also given it a thorough testing alongside a variety of different base products to try and decide whether it only works with a certain combination (and so far I’m really pleased to say it’s been a winner with every single one!).

It’s one for your wishlist guys!

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