After a pretty rubbish week where I once again wallowed in self doubt and debated whether I should actually be doing this at all I was givena kick up the arse when this little bundle of goodness arrived at my door!

The Makeup Revolution Revolution Pro Rockstar Collection launches on 27th January and guys…you need it!

The collection consists of two gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, a matte black liquid eyeliner and a selection of eight gel eyeliners in assorted (stunning!) shades.

I’ll start with the palettes shall I?

Rockstar Eyeshadow Palettes…

‘Noir’ is arguable my favourite (because I’m a sucker for those burgundy and rose tones!) but ‘Nude’ really is your perfect all rounder (also perfect for bridal makeup).

I love the mix of formulas within both palettes, quite a nice balance of shimmers and mattes with a handful of pressed glitters and something else entirely. I’m not quite sure what to call it. For all intents and purposes it’s a shimmer but almost feels wet to touch? Whatever it is, I’m a fan because it’s lush.

For the varied yet versatile colour stories and the quality of the shadows I would say the price point is bang on. I’ll certainly get a lot of wear out of both palettes.

Visionary Gel Eyeliners…

Arguable my favourite part of the collection. 

I love the shade range (again, that burgundy guys!) and they are just sooooo creamy. 

Each liner comes equipped with its own little smudging tool so you can achieve that sexy, smoked out, I may or may not have slept in this makeup sort of thing that takes far more effort than it looks. 

I’m so excited to really give these a proper test drive because I really feel like they’re going to elevate an everyday eye look into something incredibly special! 

Rockstar Matte Edition Liquid Eyeliner…

Last but by no means least is the snazzy new ultra black matte liquid liner. I’ve been in a Ross and Rachel style on-again/off-again relationship with liquid liner for about ten years now. I shouldn’t really wear it because I just don’t have the skills to combat my I’m very hooded eyes BUT I want to.

Despite my personal battles this liner is fab! Really long lasting, smudge proof and like I said, ultra black. What more could you realistically want?

I’ve included prices for the entire collection below. The whole thing is very reasonable for the quality and will be the perfect way to accessorise your loungewear for those quiz night zoom calls!

Rockstar Shadow Palette Noir Edition 


Rockstar Shadow Palette Nude Edition


Visionary Gel Eyeliner


Rockstar Matte Edition Liquid Eyeliner


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