Lois Cosmetics launched back in 2020 (and what a bloody year to start a business guys, BRAVE or what?!).

You know I’m all about girl power and this female founded brand hasn’t let the pandemic stop them from taking the beauty community by storm with not one but two high quality eyeshadow palettes…

Lois Cosmetics Gone Rogue Palette.

Gone Rogue for you thrill seekers and Rose Metal to soothe the most romantic of souls.

Lois Cosmetics Gone Rogue Palette Swatches.

UK based, cruelty free & vegan with the kind of quality one rarely finds in such a budget palette nowadays.

Lois Cosmetics Rose Metal Palette.

With many years experience as a professional makeup artists, working with top brands and celebrities all around the world it would have been a crying shame for Lois not to put her expertise towards building a brand that is not only socially conscious but also right on the mark when it comes to trends.

Lois Cosmetics Rose Metal Palette.

With an ever expanding range of beautiful products there is truly something for everyone. Treat yourself to the most stunning liquid eyeshadows whilst also filling your basket with brand spanking new makeup brushes and eyeliners.

Lois Cosmetics Rose Metal Palette Swatches.

You can pick up your new favourite products at

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