2020 may have been a godawful year for a million reasons but oh my god it sure did teach us to appreciate the little things.

Makeup Revolution brought some much needed joy into my life when they announced they were releasing a friends collection. If someone had asked me what my ultimate collab would be then that would have been right up there!

Could I be anymore of a fan?!

Makeup Revolution x Friends Monica Eyeshadow Palette, Lipstick, Lipgloss and Mirror.

The original collection (Series 1) consisted of four eyeshadow palettes, three lipsticks, six lipglosses, two makeup bags, a mirror and some adorable scrunchies!  It truly was a sight to behold with on point packaging and shade names that got me right in the feels you can imagine how excited I was when Series 2 was teased not long after…

Skincare soon followed (a body scrub and butter plus a lip scrub and mask) alongside four adorable novelty bath fixers, three brand new eyeshadow palettes and two face palettes followed by a sweatshirt (which I still don’t bloody have)! Surely now our collection is complete? What if it takes over the ribbon drawer?

Makeup Revolution x Friends Open The Door Eyeshadow Palette Swatches.

Nope! So much more nostalgic newness rained down from the heaven. Series 3 birthed possibly the best reference so far with Ichiban Joey Lipstick (honestly, my heart can’t take anymore). More palettes (because one can never have enough!), self care essentials and the cutest little lobster brush set you ever did see.

Guys I’m exhausted with all of the love.

You can purchase items from the collection here.

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