Post contains gifted products. All views are my own.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful collection? If perfectly strikes the balance of a luxe feel at an affordable price which is something I really can’t get enough of. Not everyone has cash to splash on the next new thing so I’m always interested to see how Makeup Revolution tackle trends and make them their own.

The Superdewy Collection includes an array of fab products to really help you live your best lit from within life.

Now that we are approaching huge easing of lockdown restrictions and can see the end in sight the latter part of 2020 is going to be all about socialising and making up for lost time. I feel like so many of us have learned to appreciate and become more comfortable in our own skin so minimal make up is where it’s at. It’s all about finding products to really highlight what is already amazing about you and that’s where this collection is really going to thrive!

Makeup Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blushes.

The new stars of this show are the Superdewy Liquid Blushes which come in five stunning shades that I have listed below.

The apply so beautifully and with such a tiny amount needed to achieve a really opaque finish they will last you absolutely ages!

Shades from top to bottom – ‘You Had Me at First Blush’, ‘Fake the Flush’, ‘Flushing for You’, ‘You Got Me Blushing’, ‘Blush Me Up’.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The key to achieving the best possible results from your makeup application is a good skincare routine.

The Superdewy Collection includes some fab pieces that will really help you take things to the next level.

The Superdewy Skin Toner smells incredible and contains hyaluronic acid for an extra hydrating boost. I’d happily wear this little beaut all on its own.

Having tried each and every single product all together I really do believe that it’s the best combination for a flawless, dewy makeup look. It feels weightless whilst looking fresh and I’m all about that life.

After all, I’m not getting any younger.

Superdewy Liquid Blush £5

Superdewy Skin Essence Spray £6

Superdewy Multi Purpose Balm £8

Superdewy Perfecting Putty £8

Superdewy Blur Balm £8

Superdewy Tinted Moisturiser £9

Superdewy Makeup Serum £10

Superdewy Skin Toner £10

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