Post contains a gifted product. All views are my own.

I’ve been searching my whole life for a palette that just really ‘got me’. For a while I thought it might be the By Beauty Bay ‘New Romantic’ Eyeshadow Palette but guys, I’ve found her…

…the By Beauty Bay Wilderness Eyeshadow Palette.

Reconnect with mother nature with the Wilderness Palette. Inspired by all the rich, earthy tones, leafy greens, and molten shades that nature has to offer us, this 20-shade palette features wearable autumnal hues whilst still allowing you to explore your creativity. Featuring the same BEAUTY BAY formula you know and love, each shade is packed full of pigment, is super blendable, and lasts all day without fading.

Beauty Bay

This vegan & cruelty free beauty is just so magical with its pigmented mattes and stunning shimmers (or a cheeky duochrome with shade ‘Ray’ which really lifts the whole palette to another level).

By Beauty Bay Wilderness Palette Swatches.

A colour story of two halves if ever there was one (I purposely swatched it in this way to demonstrate what I mean). Each element of the palette works so beautifully together for a truly unique experience but you really do feel like you’re getting an extra bang for your buck with so much choice and versatility.

By Beauty Bay Wilderness Palette Swatches.

I’m so impressed with this little gem and at only £15 you can enjoy it’s inevitable success right along with me!

You can pick up yours HERE.

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