There is nothing better than finishing off a makeup look with your favourite dramatic lipstick. It can instantly elevate your mood and is my absolute favourite confidence booster.

I understand that it can seem really intimidating, especially if you consider yourself a makeup novice but I promise you that once you’ve perfected the art of a statement lip, you’ll never look back!

Keeping it simple…

There really are no rules when it comes to your preferred style but the best advice I could give (especially if you’re new!) is to keep everything else super simple. You don’t need to put in tons of work else wear when going for a bold lip choice. A well applied base and a slick of mascara or some lashes if you prefer is going to make your chosen shade the focal point of your makeup look (which is exactly what we want!).

Choosing a shade…

If you’re like me then you’ll know ‘your colour’ straight away (a Hollywood red is always a winner!) but if not that’s ok too. Experimenting is part of the fun! To begin with I suggest choosing a shade that might feel ‘out there’ but seems like a logical next step to the things already in your wardrobe. Complimentary colours will elevate your whole look and make experience feel so much more relaxed and doable.

Thirsty? Moi?

Hydration is key. Smooth, soft lips will make all the difference to the application and longevity of your new confidence maker. Incorporate a lip balm into your skincare routine if you don’t already use one. I also recommend using a scrub followed by a lip mask (the Bubu #youpucker Lip Pumping Mask is my fav!) once a week. The difference in your pout will speak for itself.

Above all else…

Just be brave! You’ve got this. Today you’ll tackle a new lipstick and tomorrow you’ll take on the world!

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