There is a phoenix inside of all of us – waiting to be reborn.

Have you pick up the Arttitude Cosmetics ‘Born From The Ashes Collection’ yet? I am so stunned at the passion and heart behind it all.

For an indie brand to produce something so unique and full of flavour truly goes to show just where the future of the beauty community really lies.

Phoenix Eyeshadow Palette

The Born From The Ashes collection includes…

Phoenix Eyeshadow Palette £32.99

Introducing our brand new phoenix eyeshadow palette. A gorgeous 25 shade palette, with a mixture of warm and cool tones, and 5 incredible formulas – the possibilities are endless!

Ultimate Red Lip Set £24.99

Find your perfect red with our ultimate red lip kit – from the Born From The Ashes collection. Includes creamy satin finish lip bullets in 3 different shades of red, so you can find a classic red lip for every mood. Wear them on their own, or mix them together for the perfect ombre red lip.

Eternity Lashes £9.99

Introducing our gorgeous Eternity lashes – the first of our clear band lashes at Arttitude Cosmetics, and part of our Born From The Ashes collection. A luxurious wispy lash with a fluffy outer wing, and beautiful curl – these lashes are absolutely perfect for every eye shape! And the best part is – they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Wine Red Cattitude Adhesive Liner £11.99

Our best selling cattitude 2 in 1 liner and lash adhesive now comes in a gorgeous wine red shade, as part of the born from the ashes collection.

12 Piece Red and Black Brush Set £59.99

The first ever brush set from Arttitude Cosmetics. This 12 piece set has been completely custom made, and contains a range of brushes perfect for make-up artists to create any look desired! The brush set includes small fluffy brushes and a pointed detailing brush designed to work with minimal eye space, to achieve precise perfect blends.

Red & Black Marble Beauty Blender £5.99

Our gorgeous red and black marble beauty blender is perfect for applying your base evenly, and minimising the appearance of pores. Achieve a perfect flawless complexion every time.

Phoenix Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Each component of the collection has been crafted to perfection to for the brief seamlessly. Working beautifully on their own as well as together.

The Phoenix Eyeshadow Palette is a stunning addition to the Arttitude Cosmetics family and I can’t wait to see the daring combinations artists will create together with the pre-existing palettes.

The chameleon multichrome shades (Phoenix and Dreams) are truly the star of the show (although saying that I’m a self confessed brush hoarder and these beauties are INSANE).

The lipsticks (Inferno, Legacy and Conquer) are the perfect combination of creamy and long lasting. Taking classic reds and giving them a modern day twist.

Phoenix Eyeshadow Palette

What an incredible thing to accomplish.

Ruks, you should be so proud of yourself my love.

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