There’s just something about a mystery box that feels like the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Of course, it’s a mystery for starters so if ever there was the perfect opportunity to treat yourself whilst still feeling like you’re in present territory then this is it.

Unicorn Cosmetics have dabbled in Mystery boxes on and off for years but this Black Friday was something new entirely and takes the concept to a whole other level.

The Pink Allsorts Mystery Box which costs just £34.99 (worth £94.99) and contains 8 exclusive new products is pretty much the kind of thing I am 100% sure Lizzie McGuire’s daydreams are about.

Now the box is actually still available so I don’t want to spoilt it in it’s entirety BUT I’m sure you’ve all at least seen sneak peaks of the exclusive Pink Allsorts Eyeshadow Palette by now so I don’t feel too guilty sneak peaking that…

Isn’t she a beaut?! Throwing it back a couple of decades and celebrating everything that made our childhoods so special. It’s nostalgia in a palette!

With the kind of pigment UC is renowned for and a concept that just absolutely kills it I think it’s safe to say I’m wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that Unicorn Cosmetics are planning and dreaming (see what I did there? If you haven’t seen My Best Friend’s Wedding then we can’t be friends 😉) up their next mystery box, I’m thinking Valentine’s Day might be good?

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