I will admit that I am absolutely awful when it comes to investing in fast fashion.

I feel like my style is still changing and evolving (although I’m much more sure of myself now than I was a couple of years ago) so I often find myself buying things I might like at the time but probably wouldn’t wear six months later.

I know this is a problem and have been trying really hard to change my ways. My turning point?

The camel coat.

I received a revere collar camel coat for my 30th birthday and it’s honestly changed the game for me. At first I felt like a five year old dressing up in her mums clothes (because it’s a proper grown up coat guys!) before very quickly realising it goes with absolutely everything!

I’ve put together some of favourite ways to style the camel coat (all from Pinterest under the search ‘Camel Coat Outfit’, I’m not capable of any more than your bog standard selfie).

Keeping it casual with trainers…

Sleek AF when worn over dresses or skirts.

Cosy and cool with a monochrome hooded tracksuit?

Feeling like a style icon every day with black skinny jeans and your favourite pair of boots!

I also like to throw on a pair of knee highs boots during the colder weather. I feel comfortable yet dressy enough to go and grab some dinner with a friend if the mood takes me (pre covid obviously!).

You also can’t go wrong with leather look leggings or paper bag trousers. Easy to dress up with pumps or down with your favourite trainers and are both comfy yet functional and stylish.

The camel coat is just one example of ways I’m trying to reduce the size of my wardrobe. It’s all about finding ways to style the things your already own by adding staple pieces to your wardrobe and I am so here for it!

Feature photo credit – Shannen Lythgoe