I’m very honoured to say that I was recently asked to take part in the RapidLash #ElectricToElegantChallenge over on TikTok and honestly, it was too much fun!

Using the power couple that is RapidLash & RapidGlam was a piece of cake and over time the duo produce it phenomenal results. I have the worlds most ridiculously awful lashes and to be honest not much makes them look anything other than subpar. I’ve been using the RapidLash line for a while now and I wouldn’t be without it. They have become an integral part of my skincare routine.

If you’ve like to know more about the products I used you can read below…


Boasting visible results in up to 8 weeks, the RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a potent yet gentle lash serum, designed to promote longer and fuller-looking lashes.

The lash serum is enriched with Hexatein 1 Complex, a uniquely-concocted blend of six high-performance ingredients: peptides, biotin, amino acids, panthenol, soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract.

Ideal for weak, brittle, thin or short lashes, it coats each lash in a conditioning, moisturising and strengthening formula. Apply daily to help enhance the overall appearance of your lashes.



The world’s first mascserum, RapidGlam™ is a perfectly balanced blend of the proven RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum and smooth, fibre-infused primer and mascara. RapidGlam™ amplifies your lashes instantly and coats them in hair-loving ingredients that help to condition, fortify, curl, while enhancing the lashes for a stronger, fuller and longer appearance in as little as 6 weeks.

The innovative formula utilises a unique Hexatein 7 Complex of advanced polypeptides to help reinforce the look of lash fibres, while also protecting against breakage. An infusion of biotin, panthenol and pumpkin seed extract provides intense nourishment and seals in moisture, while kaolin clay and cellulose give the appearance of thicker, more voluminous and fluttery lashes.

The ideal solution for brittle, thin and short lashes, as the mascserum wraps each hair in jet-black pigment that dries rapidly to a smudge-free finish.



I don’t know about you but since the pandemic began I’ve been in one hell of a style funk. Living in old pyjamas whilst at home and lucky to make the effort with a sweatshirt and leggings when on the school run. I really don’t feel any desire to get up and ready. It just seems unnecessary and I miss the fire I used to have to look my best.

There 5 social media babes have all given me the kick up the arse I needed to get back on the horse and glam up in the new year. Here’s hoping it lasts!

Laura Byrnes

Instagram: laura.byrnes

TikTok: laura.byrnes0

Wardrobe staples to die for and the perfect place to start if you want ideas for your capsule wardrobe, Laura is the be all and end all of naturals in fashion.

Lauren Sarah

Instagram: its_laurensarah

TikTok: its_laurensarah

Sarah is adorably relatable and pulls together outsiders that are easily achievable but fun and could be adapted to suit anyone. I have a pair of faux leather flares on the way and if that isn’t the power of an influencer I don’t know what is.

Lily Melrose

Instagram: llymlrs

TikTok: lilymelrose

Everyday fun fashion with a dark, grungy edge is what Lily has to offer and I’m so here for it. She’s full of little tips and tricks for really transforming your wardrobe.

Sammi Jefcoate

Instagram: sammijefcoate

TikTok: sammijefcoate_

Luxury brands and harnesses, could there be a more perfect mix? Sammi has an eye for throwing together the most stunning and sometimes surprising outfit combinations.

Joanne Lewis

Instagram: petitesideofstyle

TikTok: petitesideofstyle

I feel just a little bit more stylish knowing this beauty is local to me, as if her influence might waft through the sea air and encourage me out of my dressing gown. Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

Have you found any new favourites?


Hi guys! I thought today would be a good time to address a couple of misconceptions within the beauty community. I mean, obviously I can’t speak for everyone, so these views and experiences are entirely my own.

I’m a mum of three, but not a ‘Mummy Blogger’. I’m not a domestic goddess who bakes and dresses my kids in designer gear. I love cosmetics and beauty in general, but I haven’t mastered a cut crease or wings sharp enough to slit the throats of my enemies. I like fashion but my god can you imagine me trying to strike a pose next to a tree and not looking like an utter knob? Those are just a few of the areas that I fail miserably in but I’m sure there are plenty more.

The image you present online can be so misleading.

I’m lucky really, in comparison to some of my fellow content creators I have never received very many hate comment (if you ignore the fact half of Facebook seems to be convinced that I wear a wig) and most of the people I have met and befriended since starting my Instagram page have been amazing and incredibly supportive. The comments I receive are very sweet and one of the most common questions I get asked are ‘Where do you find the time to glam up as well as juggle everything else?’ and honestly? I don’t. I spend an awful lot of time in my pyjamas or a sweatshirt and leggings.

I suffer with anxiety, so I don’t often leave the house ‘just because’. I usually have a specific reason. I don’t live the glamorous lifestyle of established influencers, attending events and having the ability to purchase the latest products. Most of my time is spent looking after my family or trying to find something to binge watch.

I’m sorry I know this is starting to sound really depressing and it’s not meant to. If anything, I honestly imagined this post would be more humorous.

Anyway, long story short I just don’t really know what I am or who I want to be or even who I’m supposed to be to make these little online ventures a success?

If you have an opinion on this matter, I would genuinely love to hear it. I think it’s good to always try and see things from a different perspective and I’m usually missing something so your views can only help me in the long run!

TTYL guys.

Love Kelly.


Social media is absolutely vital for any business in this day and age.

There are currently nearly 45 million Facebook users in the UK whilst over 30 million people use Instagram. These two platforms are a hive of activity and potential custom and that’s without taking into consideration the 15 million people who spend hours a day on Twitter and the ever growing popularity of TikTok (which is without a doubt one of the biggest social media success stories to date and allows the most chance of going viral from a single piece of content).

Visual content is essential in the hospitality and travel industry.

“Our media consumption habits are changing, today it is more likely that your audience will seek out photos and videos on social media before making a booking, in fact the social media presence and visual identify of a brand is often one of the final decision makers for consumers when proceeding with a booking.”

Roxii Hoare-Smith, The Importance of Social Media for Hotels as featured on daviestanner.com

I have a fierce passion for social media and content creating. Having started a beauty blog and Instagram page as a hobby in 2019 I have since built relationships with brands I could only ever have dreamed of working with previously. Whilst I understand that some of this is down to being in the right place at the right time I truly believe that the hard work I have put in to building my profile and personalising my content has paid off.

I appreciate that working within the hospitality industry or showcasing the unique qualities of a business are very different to the type of content I usually create but I am confident that the skills are transferable to some degree and that’s why I decided to write this post.

It’s completely out of my comfort zone but somethings that can be essential to your growth.

Your business might be in its infancy but it’s never too early to build your brand. Social media can help increase awareness of the products you sell or services you offer and has become an integral part of a modern day marketing strategy.

It’s also a chance to show off the personality behind the screen which is a great way of building relationships with your customers which will undoubtedly lead to the kind of loyalty you’ll need to succeed.

Take a chance on different kinds of content. Reels are huge right now and there are always fun trends read and waiting to be jumped on and tweaked to fit your niche.

Maybe you have a blog feature on your website that is gathering some cobwebs? Get out there and write a post that’ll captivate your audience and show em what you’ve got. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be ‘you’.

Isn’t that what social media really excels at? Showing the world who you truly are and what makes you special? It’s exactly the same when it comes to businesses and brands. Make it work for you.

You’ve got this!

Feature photo credit – Shannen Lythgoe


Hello my lovelies!

I’ve never tackled a blog post like this before so please bear with me, it may all come tumbling out and make absolutely no sense!

I’ll admit I’ve been very lucky and up until last week had never experienced any kind of online hate or trolling.

I remained blissfully ignorant as to how much your confidence can be obliterated in no time at all with a handful of comments from strangers.

Having recently put together a piece of content I was incredibly proud of (and something the brand themselves had been very complimentary of, enough so that they asked to feature it in an ad campaign) I was horrified to learn that my appearance was the subject of many negative discussions.

When I first came across the comments my initial reaction was one of confusion.

I don’t know these people. What have I done to deserve such an attack?

It’s hard to comprehend the mentality of trolls when you would never dream of being so hurtful to anyone. I cried and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that. Putting your heart and soul into something only for others to try and tear you down is sickening.

So what have I learned and how can help someone else who may be experiencing the same thing for the first time?

The answer is, I’m not completely sure to be honest. Personally in the days following my own experience I managed to find humour in the comments. At the sheer silliness of the things people were saying and the fact that their opinions didn’t matter in the grand scheme of my life.

I refuse to let anyone take away something I have the righty to be so proud of. I will never again let another person make me feel small or insignificant.

My biggest piece of advice though is to never isolate yourself if you’re feeling attacked because it will allow those comments to burrow and fester. To implant themselves into your subconscious. Speak to your friends. Speak to your family. Let them pick you up, support you and comfort you. Listen to their kind words and believe them but above all believe in yourself.

You’re amazing. Don’t let anyone, let alone an insecure stranger make you believe differently.