As a self confessed oily gal I’ve always made it my life’s mission to collect as many matte products as possible. Gimme all of the powders I say.

The problem with that was it became increasingly difficult to move with the times and when dewy bases and ‘no makeup’ makeup because the next big thing I couldn’t keep up.

Life isn’t all about chasing trends but as a blogger it’s essential that I at least try them. Some I grow to love and others, well let’s just leave those to one side shall we?

I’ve always been a fan of blush, even when it wasn’t ‘cool’ and everyone else was lashing on the bronzer. I’m pale and without it I feel naked, it’s an essential part of my routine

A good dewy or barely their base needs a cream, balm or liquid blush to really set it off and that was always my downfall. Swapping out my faithful favourites for something new was a little bit terrifying to be honest but so worth it!

Makeup Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush £5

My biggest worry was longevity. Would it really last all day or just slip right off and leave me looking a hot mess?

Also the blending. How would it work with the rest of my routine and products I already own? What tools would I use? It’s all a bit of a minefield when you throw yourself into something new but with YouTube, Instagram and TikTok at hand there are a multitude of tutorials to get you through the tough times.

Spectrum Collections Pinch Pot £16.99

I’m very much an MUE (Makeup Enthusiast) rather than an MUA (Makeup Artists) so clearly not an expert but I’ve picked up some tips along the way of my journey and thought sharing them with you might help you also take the plunge!

Pixi Beauty On-the-Glow Blush £18

Tools, tools, tools…

The first thing I agonised over when I first decided to trial a liquid blush was what to use when applying. Initially I went with a blender and wasn’t best pleased with the results to be honest (which was surprising to me as I’m a die hard foundation by sponge kinda girl).

This led to me writing off the experience all together and it was a while before I even thought about trying again…

…and then I tried this brush!

Spectrum Collections BO1 – Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush £9.99

Whilst the Spectrum Collections BO1 – Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush £9.99 might have technically been designed for perfectly buffing and blending your foundation I’ve come to realise that Spectrum Collections are the queens of creating affordable yet multipurpose products (great for saving those pennies as well as space!).

This brush just makes the job so much easier and I’ve tried it with lots of different brands now. Nothing else comes close!

What’s your formula?

Sounds stupid but there can be a world of difference between a cream, liquid or balm. The general finish is slightly different as well as the way they apply.

Personally I’d say a balm is the safest choice to start off with (something similar to the Pixi Beauty On-the-Glow Blush £18) as they’re simple to apply, blend beautifully and are easily buildable for a more intense colour. Where as a liquid blush can sometimes take more work but the pigment payoff is stunning. A cream for me lies somewhere in between but they all have their place in my routine!


The where and how you apply your blush can completely change the shape of your face, you’d honestly be surprised at how much such a simple step can make a difference.

For instance if you want to look more youthful then stick to the apples of your cheeks. This will make them appear more plump!

Placing your blush a little higher up on the cheese bones will lift everything (great if you’re permanently tired like me!).

There are lots of ways you can go with this and the results can be startling!

Have fun!

Most importantly there are no rules in makeup (only guidelines, do what you want with those!). Have fun and experiment!

Do you love blush as much as I do? If so, what are your favourites?


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